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8 Reasons to Consider Before Selecting a Courier Service Provider

We are living in a world where the concept of fast service is reaching new heights every new day. The concept of fast service implies to different things especially delivering goods and services quickly. Every business today, no matter a food joint or a gadget company dedicates a special section that delivers their goods in a preferred location both locally and globally. This is where courier service plays the role of a protagonist by helping a brand to deliver assigned products quickly and in a secured manner.

The growth of e-Commerce is at peak where delivery at doorstep has made life easier. From giant brands to start ups, running a sustainable business is not possible without teaming up with a reliable courier company. Courier service has bridged the gap between a brand and its customer as it is only the point of one to one interaction with the clients.

If you are a business owner looking for one of the best courier companies to collaborate, keep in mind that don’t get attracted only by looking at their rate charts. There are many reasons to consider that will help you to select the best player in the market. Let’s have a look on the following aspects.


Nothing matters than trust for reliable courier service provides. All the best players in the market have been rated on top not because of their low price range but because they have been able to earn the tag for being a trustworthy label.

Speedy Delivery:

Gone are the days when one had to count days for receiving a parcel. Courier service today pay main attention to fast delivery for customers doesn’t really like to wait for long. There are many courier service labels that offer same day delivery and even next day delivery options. Brands that offer fastest delivery service are much preferred these days and people are even ready to pay a few bucks extra for this feasibility.

Strong Workforce:

A courier company that promises fast delivery cannot make this promise without having a strong workforce. No matter new or an established courier company, if the manpower is strong, fast delivery option is possible. Particularly during festive season, a good courier service with such strength will never fail to keep their promise if they have a strong delivery team.

Up-To-Date Tracking Options:

We are dwelling in the age where technology is our best resort in every walks of our lives. Courier service companies have also come up with feature where clients can track their parcels. Customers can keep a track by entering their consignment number online or via SMS and find out where the parcel has reached.

Security Bond:

There are numerous courier service providers that don’t take any responsibility if their valuables are lost. Whereas, there are the ones who ask customers to sign a security bond asking about items description and also the net value. Such questions are asked to help the customers by reimbursing the amount if lost while the delivery process.

Maintaining Smooth Communication:

There are many amateur courier services that don’t maintain a good contact with their customers. The sign of a responsible company is one that responds to their customer queries either by email, SMS and even calls. This is a very important aspect for a company who want to build a good relationship with their customers.

Good Servicing of Vehicles:

Nothing is more embarrassing than getting late to deliver a parcel because of the break fail of the vehicle. A courier service company that has earned reputation in market is because they have well maintained set of vehicles as one of the prior reason.

Dealing with Patience:

Pleasant behavioral exchange is the crux of any successful business. A good courier service company will train their staffs to deal with patience and diligence with their clients.

Reasons For Hiring Small Business Accountant

With the moving time, there are many business houses, corporate sectors have managed their own slice of work of accounting, and they have learnt to manage the accounts, which are easy to handle them. Bookkeeping is far easy to manage but when it comes to managing the small business then usually the companies hire for the small business accountant so that everything can go to the best rhythm and they can get a good financial structure of the company. These days nothing is impossible as people, the companies work with the software and other modes of managing accounts, and they think that they can manage everything easily. But there are the services which can help you out in all terms in growing your company in the right manner is the accounting service and they can stop you from making mistakes and can also save you from many illegal tasks that you may do unknowingly.

You should hire an accounting service for these various reasons:

  • They can stop you from making any wrong decisions and you could be on the better side of the financial structure of your company that could be not only helpful for you , but can also be helpful for your company increasing its face value and good will but also booming its profitability.
  • At the end of any financial year, these people can provide you with the best advice for your task and you can get the entries of expenses and transactions in the correct order and in the correct manner. So, the people who are there for all kinds of accounting documents in its proper manner.
  • The accounting services can provide you with the advantages of timely and accurately maintenance of your bookkeeping and accounting journals and you would be in a safe condition in keeping all your accounting papers safe under their monitor.
  • The calculations of any kinds of taxes i.e. corporate and all kinds of taxes will be in good condition and you can get the best records of them along with their timely payment. The accounting done by small business accountant can easily manage all these tasks for any kinds of small business no matter you are doing it for any. Whether you are managing a budgeted financial structure or want to lookout for a cash flow system.
  • They can also save a loads of genuine time of your which can be devoted in other tasks of company improvement and people can see your growth in business which can give you a good perspective or profit making.

The Top 5 Reasons Why Businesses Must Go Social Today

Social media for businesses has become a focal point for every single business who wants to put their brand across multifarious target audience and market their respective products and services. Businesses regardless of size utilize social media to create brand awareness and fortify online presence. Social media platforms as Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, and more helps you in keeping touch with your preferred audience where you can get prospective clients. This is exactly how significant social media is for any business and this is the main reason why you need to be social today.

Here are 5 more reasons why your business needs to go social:

1. Free or inexpensive promotion of your products and services.

Regardless of your budget, you will find a solution for your needs. Just get out there and create your social media presence and advertise what you have to offer. Use social media to interact with like-minded people, share information and valuable insights with your target audience. Once you establish yourself as an authority and you have your customer’s trust – they will surely buy from you.

2. Get advice from businesses in your industry.

Each business has their own competitor out there. The good thing about social media is that it helps one have a healthy competition with other businesses. Learn from their success and avoid their failures. Network and grow your prospects.

3. Help your customers find you fast on the web.

Using location-centric social platforms, one can be easily found by customers on the web. Your online business will get more exposure from local prospects and you will be able to bring your products and services closer to the customers. With the help of social media, you will aid customers in finding you fast online.

4. Establish your credibility & share your expertise.

Social media for business is not solely meant to promote and showcase ones products or services. It is crucial in establishing oneself as an authority in your niche market. Share ideas and concepts that are pertinent to your business, be the expert they can turn to. When you offer a solution to their problem, they’ll see you as an expert – trust you and ultimately buy from you.

5. Build buzz around your products, services, and website.

One can easily build buzz around their business, products, and website using social media. Create how-to content for your blog and help address the concerns of your target audience, offer advice, and provide them concrete solutions. Make some short video series concerning your business and products including valuable tips and upload them on leading video sharing websites. Through these, you will be able to promote your website and at the same time establish your credibility.

Is your business found and established on social networks? What specific channels were you using to interact with your prospective clients and customers? We’d love to hear from you and how you use social media for business. Or if you need further assistance with social media, get in touch with us and we’ll be ready to be of help anytime.

How Can Accounting Software For Small Business Help You Raise The Bottom Line?

When starting a business, you must make the to-do list. Starting from business plans, team building, finding the location to marketing, all things need to take extra care of. In the course of nascent stage of your business, you would have to take some important decisions which will ensure the strong financial health of your business. One of such decisions is the installation of accounting software for small business of yours.

Accounting is not everyone’s cup of tea. You must be well versed with the ins and outs of accounting to keep your financial records updated. As we all know money management is critical to the survival of your business, you must handle it with extra caution.

The hiring of a good and experienced accountant is not at all adequate to keep the financial record efficient in today’s competitive world. You must harness the power of technology to ensure efficiency of number crunching job. Gone are the days when small business could not afford to buy the expensive accounting tools. There are hundreds of accounting software for SMEs that are available in the today’s market. The prices and specifications of the software are inspiring. If you can conduct a well-depth research, it would be easy to get the best accounting software for small business.

A web-based accounting software for small business is an online solution which offers fast, online and accurate results to the users. Since it is an automated solution, it simplifies all the tricky job of number counting. Apart from this, staying adherence to the laws and regulations of local jurisdiction become easy with accounting software. You can get automated alerts and notifications for filing deadlines.

There are numbers of advantages of using web-based accounting software for SMEs. Safety of data, accessibility (24X7), ease of use, automation, easy installation, integration with other software, GST filing, etc. are to name a few. Besides technical benefits, you would also get advantages given below:

Know the State of Your Financial Health

It is evident that poorly managed cash flow can ruin a business and you can rely on the manual method to keep track of your finance. As we know, the manual method is prone to error and inaccuracy. It makes sense to install the best accounting software for small business.

Save Your Valuable Time

Automation of accounting activities enables your accountant to do the job faster with the accurate result than it was with the manual process. You and your staff can focus more on core productive activities to enhance the ROI of the business.

Other than these benefits, you can delegate the accounting tasks efficiently in your team by using the multiple user’s accounts. These accounts are role-based accounts and allow the users to access the data as per his roles and duties.

How SEO Services In Sri Lanka Can Help Boost Small Businesses

Importance Of SEO For Sri Lanka Businesses

Gone are the days when you could simply run a small business with almost enough capital and a strong urge to pursue your dreams. Almost every market space in Sri Lanka has got strongly impacted by the ever changing market conditions and therefore every type of business needs to up their game constantly in order to succeed. This is where Search Engine Optimization in Sri Lanka comes into play. No matter what size of business you operate, if you need to grow your business to new heights then this is a perfect way to do so.

Specifically in terms of a small business in Sri Lanka you would be interested in getting to know how such a strategy will help grow your business. Firstly when SEO Sri Lanka is correctly aligned to your business strategy it will give your business improved visibility. That means more and more of your target consumers will begin to see and learn about the products and services you offer. It also makes it easier for your target consumers to find you and when they do not have to put much effort to do so, they will appreciate the time savings they receive from their end.

SEO Services in Sri Lanka work on a number of areas such as your website, blog, social media pages and various other means through which you can reach your target audience. By better improving the overall online presence of your business in Sri Lanka you will be able to earn more credibility points. This also gives you the chance to stand out from your competition in a favorable way, making your brand gain a better reputation and receive more brand recognition. Other benefits include:

  • Creating more user-friendly websites
  • Generate more positive leads
  • Have better conversion rates

Creating A Good SEO Sri Lanka Strategy

Now that you know of the many benefits Search Engine Optimization in Sri Lanka can create for your small business, you should immediately look into how you can build a basis to create such a stable strategy. The first step is to identify what sort of keyword strategy you need to apply. This will help you identify the target group of customers you would want to focus on and also help you determine what your competition is.